Proud Papa just delivered Magnolia's Tynan Riley Here is Magnolia's Tynan Riley(his name means Dark Valiant Warrior) Magnolia's Tynan RileyListens intently to his mother's First words…

This is Magnolia's Cushla Macree(which means "Pulse of My Heart")She is the sweetest and most personable filly we have EVER encountered… Guinness is a Proud Father! This is Daddy's Little Girl FOR SURE…Cushla Macree craves human attention!!! She will talk to you and would sit in your lap if you wanted her too!!!

Proud Mom Welcomes Magnolia’s Monticello!

Guinness and Joe Guinness' lovely head. Bella's unusual coloration.

          Wandamere Lightning, Magnolia's Annabella, and Mishto trotting together.                     

Eros of Magnolia.                                      Kalliope and Echo, guard burros.                                  

Wanda trots through the oak trees. Moonstone, whom has left us for greener pastures in Heaven.

QR Night Train, a young Longhorn steer. Rosa Lee and Sanas, future hitch team.


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